Partner with us and impact NYC and beyond. 



We are requesting long term partnership with people who want to seed God's love into NYC. Please, prayerfully considering partnerning with us.


Space in New York

New York, is one of the most expensive places in the nation to acquire space. We have negotiated an amazing location in our neighborhood just blocks from the Manhattan court houses and public transit.

Human Resources

Part of pioneering is having the ability to spin many plates. David has a strong law practice, and consequently, the Engelhardt family does not require a full time salary in order for Kings’ Church to be a fruitful local church. Conversely, we believe in honoring those who labor among us, and accordingly require a modest HR budget.

Audio Visual

Our current generation is communicated to primarily through a digital medium. We are going to make sure our communication is Christ centered first, and relevant in method and medium, second. This requires the platform to be able to communicate with excellence on Sunday, and throughout the week, with video and quality audio.


In order to hit a self sufficient sized congregation we need approximately 350 people. While we have been building team through grass roots connectivity, we also will use all the tools in our tool belt to communicate Christ across NYC, including using local and regional advertising channels.


Ways to Invest

One Time

‣ A one time investment, will be directed toward our initial space build out in our neighborhood, as well as audio visual equipment.

‣ We believe that investing in quality organizational and AV products that can essentially grow with us, is the
wisest way to steward our resources.

‣ ARC has committed to matching $50,000 to Kings’ Church for our initial round of fundraising. . .

‣ $1,000+
‣ $5,000+
‣ $25,000+
‣ $250,000+


‣ Recurring investments will. Be directed to the costs associated with leasing our space and HR

‣ It is not only financially strategic that David’s intention is to remain bi-vocational for the first 5-10 years of the Kings Church lifespan, it is also central to our theology, that God can use people in a major metro area, that have high-demand jobs, and can serve the Lord with all their heart in the workplace, and through the expression of the local church.

‣ $500
‣ $1,000+
‣ $5,000+
‣ $25,000+


‣ Bethany, as a worship leader and recording artists, has an intention for worship from NYC to touch the nation and the world. Investing in sound and recording equipment is not just aimed at serving our local community, but also  broadcasting Jesus to the ends of the earth.

‣ Our current team is heavy with actors, broadway singers, and other artist that know quality. Our aim is nothing less then excellence in the stewardship of the gospel through media.

‣ Sound
‣ Lighting
‣ Instruments
‣ Cameras
‣ Overhad Projector
‣ Box Truck

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